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L’oreal voluminous million lashes

I bought this mascara because I don’t want to spend a million dollars on high end mascaras. Mascaras tend to expire too quickly and I’d much rather spend the money on boba!

ANYWHOMM, I got the color black and in waterproof.  My lashes are naturally curly at the ends, but very fine. I am Asian. There is no such thing as full thick lashes. So this mascara…I like and hate it. This is gonna be weird but I’ll try my best to explain how I feel about it. When I first bought it, it was wet and it made my lashes clump like mash potatoes. Fine lashes like mine do not work well with wet mascaras. I prefer a dryer formula. So I kept on using it anyway because I didn’t want it to go to waste and I also wanted to make sure I hated it before I review it. Over time, the mascara became more and more dryer…and as you can probably guess, I liked it more and more!

It was obviously not Loreal’s intention on making the mascara that way, but for me, that was what happened. This mascara lasts on my lashes all day without smudging so it is definitely waterproof. I wouldn’t exaggerate it to a million lashes…to be honest, maybe 10 more lashes O_o. 

I wouldn’t repurchase this again, only because there are mascaras out there that I LOVE and comes in a dry formula already. I must admit though, I am a sucker for gold packaging, which was the reason why I tried it out. Loreal’s packaging is usually nice. It reminds me of a cheap version of YSL packaging. 

You can try it out for yourself because when I looked at the reviews, it was very mixed. It all depends on your own lashes and how it reacts with this specific formula!

<3 Jennie

Befine Food Skin Care

I will start by saying I do not normally use scrubs on my face. Sensitivity is not an issue; I just don’t use it because I’m lazy. BUT GIRRRLLL, LET ME TAIL YOU. THIS STUFF IS THE BOMB.

Before, I had the Japanese brand “Cure” which is made out of 98 percent of water or whatever. And you supposedly see your dead skin cells coming off. I did, but how do I know if its not the product that’s forming little skin balls? (you know what I’m talking about if you have this product).

I bought this Befine when I watched missglamorazi or something, from youtube. I only use it at night when I shower, 2 times a week because I am cheap and I don’t wanna use all of it so fast hahaah. Oh, btw, it’s less than 8 dollars. YES, I AM SUPER CHEAP. 

LET ME TELL YOU THAT I SEE RESULTS EVERYYY MORNING. What it does for my skin (I have combination) is that it CALMS the shit outta out of my skin. I have red cheeks all the time but with this product, my face is sooo..NOT red in the morning. It also helps my pimple calm down so it’s not as red, so it seems as if it’s helping my zits too. Not too sure about this, but my face looks amazing in the morning! hahaha.

So it’s made out of oats and brown sugar and you actually feel the brown sugar on your skin as you’re rubbing it into your skin. You will know when you’re done when the product turns “milky” and all the sugar has melted. Rinse, and you’re good to go!

I can’t even express how much I love this product. I don’t think I have ever loved any face product this much before. But remember, we’re all different so don’t expect this to work as well as it did for me. But for 8 bucks, I’d give it a go. No one is as cheap as me and I even tried it! 

<3 Jennie


so this is my second bottle of this moisturizer just because i do not know what to use.. i’ve always looked around and i never seem to be satisfied by the description all the other moisturizer claims to have.

This one says:

"dual action moisturizer; salicylic acid acne medication; oil-free; moisturizes dry skin; treats & helps prevent pimples"

doesn’t it sound amazing? that’s why i bought it the first time and got all excited to use it. well here’s the pros&cons


-has a pump!

-feels very light and it really is oil free

-affordable [even though i don’t remember the cost]


-i don’t think it helped my acne or anything

-skin is still dry..

that’s about it.. i mean what else can a moisturizer do?

i have combination skin so maybe this wasn’t the best product for me..

my friend’s told me to try Shishedo moisturizer at Sephora because it really works! they said it might be a bit pricey [$30/bottle?] but they said it’s well worth it, and it lasts a long time.. so i think i might have to give it a try! plus i know Sephora probably will give you a sample before you really buy it. so i might stop by to get some. i love trying new thingss ((: and always up for suggestionss!



so me and Kitti both bought the same bbcream.. and was sooo excited because the first bbcream she bought, it was GREAT. let me give some background information if you do not know what BB cream is, because at first I didn’t either:

"BB cream, also known as Blemish Balm, Blemish Base or Beblesh Balm, is a cosmetic item sold mainly in East and Southeast Asia.

Originally formulated in Germany it was initially used by dermatologists to help laser surgery patients protect, soothe and refine highly sensitive skin while providing light coverage for post-laser scars, acne and other blemishes.”

This skin 79 one, we bought online a while back, and I don’t remember how much we bought it for.. Also i think Sephora is now carrying BB cream from Dr. Jart if i’m not mistaken. we read some reviews and saw some reviews online about this particular one and it was very good actually.. ANYWHOO let me start…


-the packaging is nice. it has a pump! love that. feels clean, except i feel like once it gets to the bottom, i can’t use the rest…i guess that can fall under a con..

-gives you a light feel, not heavy

-it claims it has whitening, SPF 25 and wrinkle improvement

-40g of cream


-it was so light, that it didn’t give me much coverage, so i would only use it for the SPF and put another foundation on top. but if you’re going for the natural look, this is for you!

-cannot open the bottle

-had to buy online

-pretty pricey

hmm it seems to have more pros than cons hahaha. but the con of it being that it was so light w/o much coverage made us dislike this product. the reason why i even use foundation is because i need the coverage since i have bigger pores, if i had nice skin, i wouldn’t need foundation at all then why would i need to buy something like this that was pricey? there are plenty of good bbcreams out there that are decently priced that has more coverage and even gives you more protection. which is the reason why i do not recommend this particular BBcream..

that sums it up! i’m just glad i finished this bottle! and yes, i do not like to waste products even though i do not like it lol.


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer in EDEN

I bought this primer about a year ago…and I still have product left, yes. I bought it for 18 dollars, I think. This primer is the old packaging. 

So what’s the difference between Eden and the normal UDPP? Well, Eden is suppose to mattifier as well as a primer. It’s suppose to be for “older” women, according to the website. Offended. Hahahha. I mean, I don’t see how it is for older women, but if that’s what they claim…then uhh. Sure. Also, they claim that it could be used as an eyeshadow. No. LOL. Just, no. The formula feels the same as the regular UDPP.

CONS - One of the things that bother me about Eden is that..when I spread it around my eye, it leaves the mattifying effect, which I actually do not like. Another is the fact that it is expensive. To me it is, at least. I mean, people buy quality eyeshadows and that’s not even enough. You need all these other support like primers…which can add up really easily. And of course, this packaging bothers me but they changed it already so it’s all good =].

PROS - This primer, overall though, has more pros than cons. Firstly, it works better than ELFs primers, hahah. Because I’m cheap, I use ELFs as my everyday, and the UDPP for weekends or going out (One of the reasons why it has lasted me so long).  Secondly, it really does enhance my eyeshadows by making it more true to color and vibrant, as you can see on the last picture. Lastly, my eyeshadows really doesn’t crease until about 10 hours, depending on the eyeshadow itself too. If I were to use..some crappy eyeshadow from 99c store, it can probably be held on my lids without creasing for a good 5 hours. 

I do not recommend EDEN, but I do highly recommend UDPP, the regular purple one.

<3 Jennie

Hi tharrr!

Back for another review. This time, on ELF’s brightening eyeshadow quads. So, these quads run for 1 buck on I’m sure everyone knows about this so no need to explain how cheap their products are. Cheap doesn’t mean crappy, just so everyone knows…

I got the quad in Brownstone ( Peach highlight on upper left,) Neutrals (white shimmery highlight, taupe, peach, and brown), Rocker (white shimmy highlight with purple), Punk Funk (the only one with the obnoxious pink), Ocean Dreams (Blues), Drama (Smokeys).

My overall thoughts of these: Pretty good!

Individual thoughts: Brownstone: OKAY! Here goes this longass review. The textures of this quad is silky as hell. If I didn’t know the price of this, and all I touched was the shadow itself without knowing the packaging, I would’ve thought it would cost at LEAST 10 dollars. The colors are nicely pigmented as well. However, the only downside that I could think of is that the highlight color is..well, it blends in with my skin. So all it did was make my brow bone/inner corners shimmery. Not my favorite, but still, this palette could be used for everyday or to travel with. It’s so tiny so its not going to make a difference to the weight of your purse, if you like to carry the palette for touch-ups.

Neutrals: Once again, silky as HAILL. It’s seriously not powdery at all. The highlight color in this quad is great! Its a little bit too white and fake, but it highlights well. The downside of this quad is that the colors are kinda odd. Its as if there isn’t a crease color. It’s kinda put a color on your lid and you MIGHT be able to make your outer v a little more defined but that’s it. Because the colors are weird, I wouldn’t recommend this quad.

Rocker: The highlight color is chalky in this one. The sparkles are so big that I feel it when I swatch it. I love the peach color in this one though. It’s super soft and it’s a great lid color, esp when you put it on the center of your lids. I LOVE the crease color. Purple! It’s great on anyone with dark eyes. I learned that from..shit, I forgot. Some youtuber though hahaha. And the black is good too! It’s not the most opaque black ever, but it is definitely buildable. There are multi glitters in this, so its not matte. Overall, I love this palette, but not for the highlight.

Punk Funk: omg, I hate this quad. LET ME TELL YOU WHY. All the colors but the blue is chalky. The pink is okay, but I still feel the scratchy glitter on my fingers. The highlight color is disgusting. It may not show up in photos, but actually, it has pink sparkles in it that looks disgusting. It has SO much pink sparkles that it looks like you’re putting a PINK highlight on. Matte blue is a good one! Lol. It’s pigmented but I wouldn’t buy the quad just for the color. UGHHH, THE PURPLE DOESN’T EVEN SHOW UP. IT IS EXTREMELY CHALKY, AND IT BARELY SWATCHES. I despise it. Pink is not bad, but still a little chalky.

Ocean Dreams: Meh. So the colors in this palette are pretty nice at first glance. The highlight color is nothing I would use under my brows. It’s baby blue. but I would use it on my lids and the color next to it would be on my crease, and one of the darker colors on my outer v. I actually would buy this quad again. I like it, but not love it.

Drama: OO GURL, let me tell you about this one. I LOVE IT!!! Before I hate the naked palette, I used this for my gno. I LOVE ITTT because its super soft, opaque, and it has the perfect colors for getting a smokey look. However, there is a negative side of this quad too. The gunmetal color is not packed enough. Its soft, but its not tightly packed, so it tends to go everywhere. This causes a problem for the highlight because the fallouts from the gunmetal shade goes all over the highlight shade. So I stopped using the highlight shade because it has specks of gunmetal in it.  All the shades in this quad has shimmer. I’m not sure if the white had shimmer..but now it does…hahaha. 

When I use any of these quads, it lasts on my eyes throughout the day when I use ELFs primer. I would guess about 8 hours before I see some creasing. I say that’s pretty good for a dollar eyeshadow. So overall, not every color is good in the quads, but I would recommend Drama, Brownstone, and Rocker as a must if you’re going to purchase something from ELF!


<3 Jennie
so i&#8217;m thinking of TRYING to do at least ONE review a week just so i can keep up with Jennie!! [which i love your reviews JENNIEE &lt;3]
So this one is going to be on the Olay blackhead clearing scrub. It says &#8220;salicylic acid acne treatment controls blackheads&#8221;. I&#8217;m not sure WHAT this product did for me.. I even finished this bottle just because i feel like it would be a waste of a face wash if i didn&#8217;t. I don&#8217;t usually have blackheads, but at the time when i went to go looking for a facewash, i had one growing. I decided to give this a try, and i felt like it did nothing for me. it had little beads in it so that it actually felt like it was suppose to be working and everything, but i felt like there was no change in my skin. I was pretty disappointed in this product, which is a big reason why i have not bought another Olay product yet. I was SO happy to have finished it and threw it away!
Does anyone have a good face wash to recommend?
we would love to try products that people love so don&#8217;t hesitate to shoot us a mail thingy ^^
xx Dino


so i’m thinking of TRYING to do at least ONE review a week just so i can keep up with Jennie!! [which i love your reviews JENNIEE <3]

So this one is going to be on the Olay blackhead clearing scrub. It says “salicylic acid acne treatment controls blackheads”. I’m not sure WHAT this product did for me.. I even finished this bottle just because i feel like it would be a waste of a face wash if i didn’t. I don’t usually have blackheads, but at the time when i went to go looking for a facewash, i had one growing. I decided to give this a try, and i felt like it did nothing for me. it had little beads in it so that it actually felt like it was suppose to be working and everything, but i felt like there was no change in my skin. I was pretty disappointed in this product, which is a big reason why i have not bought another Olay product yet. I was SO happy to have finished it and threw it away!

Does anyone have a good face wash to recommend?

we would love to try products that people love so don’t hesitate to shoot us a mail thingy ^^

xx Dino

HEY GUYSS! Here’s another makeup review. This time..on my all time FAVORITE CONCEALER!

This is Sonia Kashuk’s Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette. 

^It’s so special that it has its own line, hahaha. You can find this palette at any Target store. It’s considered a drugstore product and it runs for 10 dollars. OMG, I just checked target online and its on temporary price cut for 4.99. UGHH, I wanna buy more but shipping is gonna kill meeee. Free shipping on orders over 50..I don’t think I’m in the mood to buy 10 of these palettes, but I will browse the site in a little bit, loll.

SO, there are 3 concealers and 1 powder. I love ALL of them. There is a slightly green tinted concealer. This is for covering yo red pimples. Green counteracts with red to neutralize. This formula is just creamy enough for me to blend out the concealer over my volcanic zits lol. I make it sound so disgusting, hahaha. Then, I use the lightest shade over the green tinted shade just so it looks more natural. After that, I use the powder to set it. The darkest shade is more salmon colored. I use this for my undereye circles. I don’t have extremely bad bags, but this concealer brightens my eye like crazzyyy. Then I just set it with the powder and I’m good to go.

Now, for me, I don’t have really bad acne. It’s mainly scars now but I’d have a bigass zit outta nowhere once in awhile. Mainly when finals roll around. BUT ANYWAYS, because I don’t have much acne, my everyday routine consist of only concealing my face. If I’m doing anything special, then I’ll use foundation. This palette covers my face JUST ENOUGH where I don’t need foundation. Man, I can’t even explain how much I love this palette! It’s the only concealer that I’d ever use again. Some people complain about the powder, but I think it’s just fine! 

In the picture above, my left face ONLY has sonia kasha’s concealer palette, and my right face has nothin. Of course, after I camerawhored, I put concealer on my right part of my face, lol. 

Hope you enjoyed!

<3 Jennie


OH HELLO AGAIN! YAYY! I’ma be talkin about my top 3 NYX round lipsticks. So let’s just talk about the formula of the lipstick. It’s so smooth and it kinda..melts into your lips. The color is so true and opaque that it’s scary.  It feels as if once the lipstick hits the warmth of your lips, it just melts into it. And it could be a bad or good thing, but I like it.

The smell - Lysol. know window/glass cleaners you buy from walmart or target? It smells like it, but less intense. Personally, I like the smell a lot more than those lipsticks infused with cheap strawberry scents hahaha. I hate those.

SO, let’s talk about the individual lipsticks. Starting with Ceto. It’s a matte nude lipstick that washes out your face, hahaha. Well, at least for me. I have yellow undertones and am usually a medium beige in foundations. I’m wearing it on the last picture, from far away, so you can see how my entire face looks. Today, I wasn’t wearing the right eye for the nude lipstick. Normally, you would wear it with some dramatic eyes, but since I was going to school, it wasn’t exactly appropriate. ALSO, I applied ELF’s MINTY lipgloss in LOS ANGELES over it, because the nude is so intense that I had to apply some sort of a sheer pink lipgloss over it, or I’ll look like I came back from the dead. 

CIRCE - a wearable everyday lipstick. It’s a bit frosted so if you don’t like that, then I don’t recommend it. It has green, gold, and red shimmer in it too! It has the slightest orange tint in it, but you have to see it really close to notice it. I think the color is really pretty! 

HEBE - oh god I love this color. I had this weird hunt for red lipsticks a month ago. I just really wanted to find the perfect red. And..I found a lot, but I didn’t stop buying more anyway, hahaha. It’s not matte. It has some shimmer in it. It’s a red lipstick, and it is just slightlyyy, like .5 step, on the darker shade of red. It is definitely not a BRIGHT red. I missed part of my lip on the picture, LOL. I couldn’t even find the rest of my lip when contrasted with this red lipstick. Great for the holidays and I really recommend it if you’re looking for a red lipstick.

You like my creep smile swatches on my lips? hahahaha. SEXY, huh? Anyway, I wish I can tell you guys how long these lipsticks lasts, but I eat like a pig so I always wipe it off before I even have a chance to check. I eat every 3-4 hours so I can safely say that it at LEAST lasts that long, hahaha.


<3 Jennie


Grooming your brows is essential to framing your face. I bet all people who likes to watch beauty videos have heard that saying. But what does it really mean? It means that..for example, this face -> >:O looks like you’re pissed. But why? Cuz the EYEBROWS are pointed into a V shape, framing the face. Without that V on that face, you’d look like you’re giving head lol. ANYWAYS, the point is, the eyebrows makes a huge difference on people’s expression and face.

I don’t need no fancy anastasia eyebrow kit for 1000 dollars. People actually buy eyebrow stencils (plastic cut outs) for over 40 dollars, which includes the eyebrow powder as well. But, really, stop wasting your money. Get the Wet N Wild eyebrow kit for 3 bucks. I’ve had this eyebrow kit for about 3 years! And if you look at it, it seems as if I barely touched it. I use it EVERYDAY.

You can probably guess that I love this kit a lot already. The colors are opaque and smooth. The picture above with my swatch is with 1 swipe. I mainly use the darker color for my eyebrows, because I already have pretty full brows. For those who have thinner brows, I would suggest the lighter shade. The wax is included so the powder will stay longer, but if you already have full brows, it is not needed.

Maybe a little weird, but I’ve used the brow powder as an eyeshadow before. It’s so silky that it didn’t matter. GAHH I LOVE THIS KIT<3

<3 Jennie